The acc influencer guidelines


Do celebrities have to start every Instagram post on which a brand can be seen with “#reclame”? Can top athletes who receive free test products from a sports brand still share their enthusiasm for that product on their Facebook fan page without risking a fine? And are reviews of the latest online games, published on a game blog, suddenly advertorials?

If we let our government decide: yes. In May 2018, the Belgian government published the first Influencer Guidelines. These guidelines were withdrawn after a couple of hours, due to an avalanche of negative comments on social media.

On 8 October 2018, The Advertising Council published their own version of the influencer guidelines. These guidelines were introduced to provide a legal framework for online influencers, advertisers, agencies, media and platforms on the one hand, and protect consumers on the one hand.

Famous Relations assisted the acc in writing these influencer guidelines, in collaboration with other PR agencies (Walkie Talkie and Oona), the Advertising Council and the influencers themselves. These guidelines are self-regulatory. The JEP (Jury for Ethical Practices) supervises compliance.

To make the advertising sector familiar with these new guidelines, the acc organized a first masterclass on the new influencer guidelines. Famous Relations supported this masterclass by presenting the guidelines, and inviting both press and influencers to the event. The masterclass was covered on Kanaal Z.