What we do. What we love.

Influencers love good stories.

And, good news: every organisation has a good story!

Which is why FAMOUS Relations believes both parties should get to know each other a little better. And as storyminers, we feel the unstoppable urge to help them do just that. By helping organisations find the right story and by translating it into a good story. One that inspires journalists, bloggers and other influencers. And yes, sometimes creativity is needed! To achieve a win-win for both sides of the equation. Because at FAMOUS Relations, we believe that is the best foundation for a good relationship. And good relationships always last the longest...

Just a handful of some of the many services we offer our clients:


Only powerful stories loaded with value and meaning stand a chance of attracting attention and getting picked up. And only a handful of those will actually be shared with viewers, listeners and/or readers.
FAMOUS Relations firmly believes there is a story inside every organisation and every brand that people want to hear and want to share. Our storyminers help organisations extract the right stories, refine them to suit the needs of journalists, bloggers and other influencers and package them into bite-size content which organisations can disseminate via their own channels.

Crisis Communication

An unsatisfied customer who succeeds in turning half a million people against a company via social media, scathing criticism from online influencers or simply the announcement of unexpected bad news… these are unfortunately all scenarios with which almost every company is bound to be confronted, sooner or later. And the capacity to react quickly, intelligently and transparently more often than not determines who survives such crises and who doesn’t!


There are many issues that deserve attention. But most of all, they deserve action and change. And there are no more powerful tools in existence than creativity and PR with which to make it happen. FAMOUS Relations helps you wield them efficiently and effectively for maximum impact and maximum return on investment.

Media relations

There is no such thing as an independent decision-maker. Whether it be family, friends, personal heroes, celebrities, bloggers, politicians or journalists, there is always someone who influences our decisions. And the power of the media in all this is not to be underestimated. Which is why adapted communication is so essential. With creativity as a foundation and long-term relationships of trust as the goal, FAMOUS Relations helps organisations engage in meaningful communication with press, media, opinion makers and thought leaders, every step of the way.

Building Brands

Building brands is actually all about achieving comprehensive coherence. A strong brand, for example, will not only succeed in translating its identity into strong advertising but will also ensure it trickles down to every relevant subdomain of its communication mix. And conveying a coherent message to journalists and online influencers is, of course, a key aspect of that endeavour!

Product Launch

What if… a new product could also spawn the birth of a relevant, newsworthy story? It would be a shame to stunt the growth of that story, limiting it to just one, solitary advertising baseline. Because there are so many other ways to give a newsworthy story the attention it deserves, via both owned and earned media.

Content marketing

In addition to earned media, an increasing number of brands are also investing in the development of their own channels and media. More and more brands, in other words, are becoming publishers and distributors of their own, powerful stories. Stories with the capacity to turn brands into experts. Stories that are relevant to prospects, colleagues, potential employees, opinion makers and members of the traditional media alike. FAMOUS Relations helps you translate the right stories into the right format via the right technology. Employing both creativity and innovation to help them stand out from the crowd.

Campaign PR

Some campaigns beg to be translated into a relevant story for journalists, bloggers and online influencers. An opportunity which marketing managers all too often let slip by the wayside. FAMOUS Relations, on the other hand, is only too happy to help make this all-important step and thereby bring campaigns to an even higher level.

Online Influencing

Long live the internet! Nothing these days is easier than interacting directly with your stakeholders. And yet, for many companies, this is still considered dangerous territory that is to be avoided at all costs. Which is a shame, because the influence of online stakeholders is growing every day. And besides, they appear far more dangerous than they actually are. Get to know them, engage them in dialogue and you may soon find they can make powerful allies.

Training & Coaching

It’s only after the groundwork for a PR campaign is laid that really excellent PR work proves its superiority. Now the real work can begin. Because even when executing the PR campaign, it is essential for the communication manager or spokesperson to be prepared down to the tiniest detail and to maintain a razor-sharp focus right to the end. Training and coaching by external PR professionals often provides welcome support in what are typically very stressful times. And by training and coaching we mean a lot more than just media training! We take on the role of both sparring partner and safety net in difficult times.