Leather and Cookies.

AXE launched the new deodorant “AXE Leather and Cookies”. This was the first deodorant in their ‘collision’ range: Axe selected 2 scents that smell really good separately but seem completely the opposite (leather... and cookies). You would expect that when you put these 2 scents together the result doesn't really smell good. But actually, it does.

This is also the idea behind the TV commercial “If this smells good, then I...”. We asked influencers to translate this idea in an online challenge that they showcased on their social media channels.

They dared their followers: “if this deodorant smells good, I will…” and then their followers got to pick a challenge for them. Of course, the deodorant smelled good, so the influencers did their challenge: a snow dive, paintball in “lederhosen”, dye their hair pink etc. 

What we did.

We targeted an exclusive selection of influencers and collaborated with them.

We also set up a press collab with the youth platform Tagmag to publish an article on the new deodorant and to showcase the challenge by Elindo Avastia (one of the Dutch speaking influencers). Elindo’s challenge was to run through a field in lederhosen, being shot at by skilled paintball shooters, with his only protection being a shield made out of cookies. A literal interpretation of ‘leather and cookies’.

The Tagmag readers could also participate in a contest: “Guess how many AXE cans fit the field Elindo has to run across”. The prize? Enough Leather & Cookies deodorants to last at least a year.

A few media results...

TagMag with Elindo

Tellement Lui