Who needs a six pack, when you’ve got the nose?

AXE launched a new product range, introducing new deodorants and body washes. But they also had a bigger story to tell. They changed course by stepping away from the “macho” image the brand had built up over the years and started focussing on the man as an individual and highlighting the magic in every man. His eyes, humor, moves and even his cooking skills… Because… Who needs a six pack when you’ve got the nose? AXE encouraged Belgian men to find their own magic and Famous Relations went along for the ride.

What we did.

To tell the story of why AXE changed course we launched figures from a national TNS-survey to press proving the fact that, over the years, the macho man has been replaced by men using their individuality to prove themselves.   

Famous Relations made influencers, celebrities and press discover AXE’s new product range by sending them free samples together with personalised T-shirts with a quote that matched their magic. 

As a kick-starter for this campaign, we built a pop-up AXE store and organised an exclusive opening for press and influencers in collaboration with activation agency Demonst8. In this store, men had the chance to be groomed by a professional barber and to get to know the AXE products. There was also a professional photographer to shoot the attendees and highlight their magic. In the following weeks, hundreds of beautiful portraits were made.

AXE made a bold statement by partnering with 3 guys-next-doors (not models!) who were portrayed in the AXE pop up store and chose to use them in their national advertising campaign. We saw the opportunity to pitch these guys’ stories to national and regional press and made them even bigger than they already were.

Read the press release in Dutch or French.

What we got.

For each phase of this campaign, we won the enthusiasm of journalists resulting in a long list of articles in print and online media. Thanks to the packages and personalised T-shirts we sent to influencers we managed a great online coverage about the new AXE range.

Our AXE Store turned into a temporary hotspot and was featured in many ‘agenda’ media. We were able to pitch ‘the bigger story’ and even pitched the evolution on how beauty has changed over the years to big national media such as Trends.

A few media results...



Femmes d'Aujourdhui

and many more...