Unhappy at work? Why not change?

1 out of 10 Belgian employees has a negative gut feeling at work every day. And what is even more shocking: 73% of all these unhappy employees are not looking for another job. Belgian people are quite afraid to change when it comes to work. That’s why HR service provider, Agilitas, the previous t-interim, created a personification of ‘our gut feeling’ to catch our attention and to convince employees to follow their gut feeling when it comes to their job. With a national survey about the subject, Famous Relations exposed the topic in the press. The release was frontpage news and discussed and published by almost all national press.

What we did.

We provided our client with a strategic PR plan for the identity change of the company and to increase visibility of the campaign. We prepared the new spokesperson with a media training and a clear messaging tool kit.

We worked in two phases. Firstly, we announced the brand change of the company to corporate press. We gave two journalists (French and Dutch) the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with the CEO about the new story of the company. This was published in two national newspapers.

A few weeks later, we announced the campaign to broad media. We approached key journalists a few days before the launch. They received a detailed press kit under embargo explaining the story line and the details of the campaign. We offered them the possibility to interview the spokesperson of Agilitas, who explained the insights of the new campaign. We also asked TV celebrity Steven Van Herreweghe to make a testimonial about the subject, which was also sent to press to support the story line.

Read the press release in Dutch or French.

What we got.

The topic was all over the news and on the front page of the most popular media. The most read newspapers of the country (Het Nieuwsblad, Het Laatste Nieuws) published the news on the front page and published long and in-depth interviews in the newspaper.

It was covered by almost every TV and radio station, explaining the story of Agilitas and the campaign to their readers. The spokesperson was interviewed by TV and radio stations in both French and Dutch. Bij Debecker, a program on Radio 1 (VRT) spent an entire program on the subject and interviewed both experts and employees on the subject.

Even months later, journalists are still referring to Agilitas and the study in articles about the topic.