Tackling the challenges facing dental care in Flanders.

Dental care in Flanders faces numerous challenges in the years to come, including the ageing of the dental profession, a shortage of dentistry graduates, countless technological and scientific developments and the evolving expectations of patients, young dentists and society as a whole. Benedenti, one of the largest multidisciplinary group practices in Flanders, wants to anticipate these trends by gradually offering its vision and concept throughout Flanders. Benedenti received funding from Gimv, the Flanders Regional Investment Company, allowing it to build new partnerships with other dental practices as well as develop new group practices and continue to invest in the latest technology. FAMOUS Relations was in charge of communicating with the media about Gimv’s investment in Benedenti.


Benedenti and Gimv asked us to:

  • Fine-tune the messages, as this was a very sensitive topic;
  • Coach their spokespeople;
  • Manage their media relations.

What we did.

We drew up message maps based on the main themes for communication:

  • One key message, combined with a number of subsidiary messages.
  • This (subsidiary) message was illustrated with examples and/or proof points to underpin the message.
  • The wording was adapted to the target audience.

These messages were then used to write the press release, draft a Q&A and train Benedenti’s spokespeople.

What we got.

Extensive media exposure in regional and national media, including articles in Het Nieuwsblad, De Standaard, De Tijd and Trends.