Introducing "Louise Marie", a brand new residential project.

In 2021, project developer CORES Development will develop the beautiful residential project 'Louise Marie': 207 new apartments, embedded in the vibrant city of Antwerp.

But how do you arouse the interest of young urban professionals looking for an apartment on the basis of only an empty piece of land?

Our answer: by upgrading the neighborhood around the project and focusing on all the hotspots that are just around the corner.

What we did.

We contacted three influencers with an affinity to Antwerp. They all presented a different aspect of the neighborhood around Louise Marie via a social video. Anouk Taeymans, interior architect, shared her expertise on interior decoration; Valerie Brems (mother & fashion blogger) showed people around in the child-friendly neighbourhood; TV presenter Gilles Van Bouwel discovered the hottest bars and restaurants.

We declined the videos on the owned channel of CORES Development. The influencers also used the video and photo content on their social channels to create buzz around the launch of the project of Louise Marie.

What we got.

Thanks to the witty declination of this project we tripled the reach of our content and created buzz around Louise Marie within the right target group.


Louise Marie - Op ontdekking met Anouk & Gilles

Louise Marie - Valerie & Christian op ontdekking in de buurt


Louise Marie, by Cores