High voltage test

Via a range of TV commercials starring the now well-known and beloved Stress Doll, we tried to convince more and more people across the land to give up the stress of driving and use De Lijn when travelling to the city.


Every week, the well-known consumer programme VOLT tests a TV commercial on its credibility. On 6 November, it was the Stress Doll commercial’s turn…

And so Volt sent two different people to work – one by bus, one by car – during rush hour. The results were negative; it took them both longer. On top of that, presenter Kobe Ilsen kicked the Stress Doll! Really, really hard! And that is just not done!


Whether or not the test itself was set up in a credible way or not we won’t go into… but it goes without saying that we wanted to respond to the Volt test. But since we weren’t even asked by Volt’s editors for a response, we took matters into our own hands. And fast, too! 

We tapped into the prevalence of second-screen users during Volt. And immediately after the broadcast, we posted our very own Stress Doll’s reaction via Twitter in the form of a short film, which showed the Stress Doll being literally knocked off his rocker and very, very sad at the way he was treated on the show


In just a few minutes, the movie generated a bunch of sympathy for the stress doll amongst the Twitter community. With more than just a dash of humour and with a big, fat wink to Volt presenter, Kobe Ilsen. 

In the meantime, the movie has exceeded 450,000 views and counting!

Several newspapers published the story both online and in print. In fact, the story even made it to the newspaper on the following day.

Final Conclusion.

The moral of the story? Don't mess with the Stress Doll. Period! But what's better still is that people really stood up for De Lijn after the whole debacle. Proof that you can’t keep a good brand down for long.