Employers’ role in ill-health prevention.

Delta Lloyd Life encourages the debate

A large number of Belgians are concerned about the rising cost of healthcare. With factors like unhealthy eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle, stress and too little exercise, public health in Belgium is not looking good. The number of Belgians who are overweight has risen by 50%. Health promotion and ill-health prevention have become increasingly important, including in the workplace. In the first annual 'Nationaal Gezonderzoek' survey, life insurer Delta Lloyd Life asked employees about a healthy lifestyle at work, and the role that the employer is expected to play in this.

During the debate, researchers looked for answers to questions such as: Where are companies today in relation to health promotion in the workplace? Is the healthy canteen a dream or a reality? Is it actually up to companies to provide healthy food for their employees? How do SMEs compare to large multinationals in this respect? Will the 'mHealth' revolution, supported by mobile devices, assist companies in the near future as part of a successful health promotion policy?

With its ‘Nationaal Gezonderzoek’ survey, Delta Lloyd Life wants to bring this important social challenge out into the open. It also saw the press event as its first opportunity to position itself as an insurer committed to promoting health and ill-health prevention. 

Click here to read the Dutch version of  'Nationaal Gezonderzoek'  
Click here to read the French version of 'En quête de santé' 

What we did.

The results were published during a debate in the presence of the press, with a panel of experts featuring Health Economist Lieven Annemans, Pieter Timmermans (Association of Belgian Enterprises), Regine Vanacker (consultant to Minister Vandeurzen), Els Wouters (Flemish Institute for Health Promotion and Ill-health Prevention ), Christophe Jaucquet (expert in health apps) Dr. Valérie Libotte (CESI), etc. The CEOs of ZEB (fashion chain) and UCare were also prepared to share examples of good practice from their own experience and day-to-day business activities with the press. 

The press event was entirely dedicated to the topic of healthy eating. For that reason, we chose to hold the event at FoodMet, a new Food Hall, and to conclude it with a lunch consisting of healthy sandwiches, soups and salads.

Afterwards, a press pack with the results of the survey was sent to relevant journalists who missed the event. Additional interviews were pitched. Given the terrible terrorist events on the day of the press conference (events in Saint-Denis, Paris), this was a very important element of the PR initiative. 

What we got.

We achieved national coverage in print, on the radio and on TV. 

Despite the serious terrorist attacks on the day, Delta Lloyd Life succeeded in stimulating the debate around ill-health prevention. In addition, it positioned itself as an insurer committed to the topic of health and ill-health prevention.