Never too old to learn.

We’ve all heard the arguments: unless we keep working till we’re 65, there’s no way the state will be able to afford to pay our pensions. But not everybody agrees. And what’s more, not everyone is happy about working until they’re 65, let alone the much rumoured age of 68.

Paradoxically enough, however, a survey organised by Delta Lloyd recently demonstrated that active pensioners are happier pensioners and that pensioners in general want to play an active role in society.


Pensioners, after all, have a lot to teach the rest of society. Literally a lifetime of knowledge and experience, in fact. And so, with the launch of Zilverstage/Stage sans Age, we offered pensioners the opportunity to do a traineeship in the job they always dreamed of doing. Participating companies, in turn, benefited from a new and fresh look on things, through the eyes of their pensioner trainees.

A win-win for everybody!  

Pensioners could sign up for the initiative via

What we did.

1. Launch campaign

FAMOUS Relations was asked to launch the Zilverstage project to journalists on 1 October; not coincidentally, National Pensioners Day. And as venue, also not by coincidence, we chose the Pensioners’ Tower in Brussels.

At the launch, 2 enthusiastic pensioners who had already finished their traineeships shared their experience with journalists. The wife of a retired butcher, Malou began working at the fashion channel Belmodo. Former police officer, Jean-Louis started work in the film industry with the support of Eye-Lite. By publicising the benefits of the initiative and the valuable role pensioners can still play in society, their testimony also encouraged other pensioners to take part in the programme.

As well as Malou and Jean-Louis, the Ministers for Pensions and other leading pension experts also attended the press conference to express their views about working longer and about pensioners working after retirement. 

2. Interviews with participating trainees

Companies and trainees were given 3 weeks to sign up to the programme. Followed by the traineeships themselves. Journalists were also given the chance to follow the trainees during their experience.

3. Silver Report

To coincide with the completion of the traineeships, Delta Lloyd’s Pensions Expert Koen van Gorp wrote the Silver Report based on the conclusions and experiences of the trainees and the companies involved. Containing several policy recommendations, the document was also a plea for a “different” but also “sustainable” form of work for pensioners. After all, if we want people to keep working until they’re 65, it is essential that we create a working environment in which older employees can continue to work effectively and make a positive contribution.

The so-called Silver Report was presented to the wider public at a press conference in the presence of the Minister for Pensions and other prominent politicians. The press conference itself, we are pleased to say, was also organised entirely by pensioner trainees. Nobody could have done it better! 

What we got

By forging such a strong and relevant link to the ongoing pensions debate, Delta Lloyd Life also succeeded in reinforcing its image as the undisputed pension experts.

Three separate press events drove this message home, resulting in a great deal of national media coverage about the campaign (on radio, TV, online newspapers, etc.).

In all, the campaign succeeded in generating around 2.2 million euros in free publicity. 

  • 138K unique visitors
  • 254 pensioners who volunteered
  • 38 companies offered internship
  • 26 candidates were selected and matched
  • 2,2M euro generated media value

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