Let it all hang out.

Every year, around 5 million piglets are needlessly castrated, purely to minimise the risk of developing an unpleasant odour in their resultant meat. And this, despite the fact that there are plenty of other alternatives that avoid this painful and unnecessary practice


The “Let it all hang out” campaign was therefore devised to help raise awareness and ultimately stamp out the practice of castrating piglets without anaesthetic. And so, as a show of solidarity for the cause, we asked all Belgian men to leave their underwear at home on one day in September. If all men were to "let it all hang out", we thought, maybe pig farmers would let their piglets do the same, too!

FAMOUS Relations was asked to spread the word as far and as wide as possible via journalists and other (online) influencers. 

What we did.

A Facebook event was created to announce the big day, supported by a fun and somewhat amusing letter addressed to journalists and bloggers personally, explaining the rationale behind the campaign. And even though the campaign clearly targeted men, women were also asked to get involved by convincing their partners to take part in the campaign. 

What we got.

The initiative got both national and international press coverage and went viral on the day of the campaign itself. A lingerie brand even used our campaign to run a top topical. But most importantly, we succeeded in changing the farming practice that was the cause of all the commotion in the first place. Big distribution partners, namely, stopped buying meat that came from castrated piglets.

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