Launch: HONEST.

We supported the launch of HONEST, the first Coca-Cola organic iced tea on the Belgian market.

A lot of prejudices exist regarding organic food and organic consumers. That’s why we made it our goal to change consumers’ preconceived opinions and make organic mainstream.

What we did.

We performed an iVox survey amongst more than 1.000 Belgian consumers (both organic and non-organic), regarding their knowledge of organic products, their perception of organic consumers and their consumption habits. We did not only use the results of the survey in PR, but also in our social media campaign.

The founder of HONEST, Seth Goldman, came to Belgium for one day. We invited press and influencers to have lunch with him and the Coca-Cola Belux Marketing Director, Celine van den Rijn. The lunch was followed by a tea workshop and exclusive interviews.

In addition, we sent some HONEST products to a selection of press and influencers.

Read the press release in Dutch or French.

What we got.

The launch resulted in 40 press and social mentions, for a total PR value of about 160.000€. We got nice coverage in L’Echo, Kanaal Z, Bloovi and Nina.

Via the mailing of the products, we got even more coverage on HONEST, resulting in print and online articles in eg La Dernière Heure, Femmes d’Aujourd’hui, Gazet Van Antwerpen, and, resulting in a PR value of around 220.000€.

A few media results...

Het Laatste Nieuws


La Dernière Heure

Goed Gevoel

and many more...