Much more than a local vermouth.

Kiss My is a delicious vermouth produced by two brothers, based on a recipe of their grandparents. It’s a beautiful story of Belgian and local entrepreneurship. They wanted the world to know about their product, but also the story behind the brand.

We made sure that Kiss My became a top of mind story of Belgian entrepreneurship.

What we did.

We organised a photoshoot with the founders of Kiss My and attracted the attention of lifestyle media by sending them the product. In addition, we pitched interviews with the two founders of Kiss My to both corporate and lifestyle press.

Read the press release in Dutch or French.

What we got.

The enthusiasm of our journalists resulted in a long list of articles in print and news websites.

We also got coverage in magazines and newspapers such as Flair, B Inspired, Plus Magazine, Nina, Feeling, Trends etc.

A few media results...

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