Instaverliefd: an Instagram series created by Kom op tegen Kanker.

Kom op tegen Kanker wanted to raise awareness amongst youngsters (13y-17y) on the bad habit of smoking and wanted to prevent them from starting to smoke. But how do you get such a ‘not cool’ message across to a target group that can no longer be reached via traditional channels?

FamousGrey came up with the creative idea: an online series exclusively shown on Instagram.

The casted actors were all social media influencers, with a large following amongst the target audience. This way we reached the target group where they can be found: online on Instagram.

Instaverliefd is a European first: it is the first fiction series exclusively shown on Instagram. The series is about four friends with little luck in love. Because they aren’t very lucky in the dating department, the four young friends come up with a dating game and challenge each other to score as many dates as possible in a short period of time. If your date smokes, you get penalty points. 

This way the series made smoking less cool, without coming across as ‘patronizing’.

What we did.

We sent out two press releases: 

  1. About a month before the launch of Instaverliefd, we sent out a press release announcing the very first Instagram soap in Europe. We focused on the series, the story and the actors. This press release was mostly directed towards press that targets youngsters, to get the target group excited about the series. Kom op tegen Kanker was not mentioned yet, in order to keep the “coolness”, otherwise youngsters wouldn’t watch it.
  2. A week before the launch of Instaverliefd we sent out a second press release, to general news press, revealing the role of Kom op tegen Kanker. This press release focused on the real purpose of the series: raising awareness amongst young people (13y-17y) about smoking and preventing them from starting to smoke. The press release was also sent to youth press, but with less focus on the role of Kom op tegen Kanker. 

Read the full press release.

What we got.

Since the actors were social media influencers, they all generated buzz before the start of Instaverliefd. This helped to reach our goal of 20k followers on the Instagram account ‘Instaverliefd’ before the first episode was even live.

Tj Official


Sarah Mouhamou

Naomi Janssens

Angela Jakaj

The enthusiasm of the journalists resulted in a long list of articles in print and news websites, such as: De Standaard, Het Laatste Nieuws, Gazet van Antwerpen, Het Nieuwsblad.

We also got coverage on national televion: Instaverliefd appeared in Karrewiet and in the evening news of VRT.

A few media results...

Het Nieuwsblad

De Standaard



and many more...