#smokefreeconcerts: binnen rocken, buiten roken!

Everyone knows that smoking is forbidden in concert halls. Yet you still regularly see people light up a cigarette. And that is not pleasant for the other concertgoers. They often smoke along unintentionally and thus breathe in harmful substances. In order to keep concerts smoke-free concert hall managers, concert promoters and Kom op tegen Kanker (Stand up to Cancer) joined forces. With the #smokefreeconcert campaign they want to ban tobacco smoke from concert halls. 

To get the message across to the concert halls, Kom op tegen Kanker handed out #smokefreeconcerts wristbands during a number of concerts in Flanders and Brussels. They encouraged everyone, non-smokers as well as smokers, to wear them and to send out a powerful message against smoking in concert halls.

What we did.

We attracted the attention of lifestyle and newsmedia by sending them the product: the press release and a couple of #smokefreeconcert wristbands were sent to key press.

Read the press release in Dutch or French.

What we got.

The enthusiasm of our journalists resulted in a long list of articles in print media and on news websites. We got coverage in magazines and newspapers such as: Het Nieuwsblad, Gazet van Antwerpen, De Standaard, La Dernière Heure, Le Soir, La Captiale, Het Laatste Nieuws en L’Avenir. We also got an extensive report in the evening news of VRT, VTM and BX1 journal and on the regional television station of Antwerp, ATV.  

A few media results...

Het Belang Van Limburg

De Gazet Van Antwerpen

La Libre

Le Soir

and many more...