Blackmailing Lawyers

When Belgium's first radio station, Radio 1 launched their new brand identity with a new baseline – “Always curious” – they overlooked one minor detail. They forgot, namely, to register the corresponding domain name: A fact which Famous unscrupulously exploited on behalf of our client, the Belgian Bar Association.

After registering the domain name ourselves, we used it to publish what was, essentially, a blackmail video. In the video, Belgian lawyers demanded a ransom from Radio 1 in the form of a few minutes of airtime to discuss the issue of cybersquatting and intellectual property rights. In exchange, of course, for the release of the domain name

Always curious about how Radio 1 would react?

The Result.

In the end, Radio 1 had no choice but to comply with the lawyers’ demands, who had effectively already drawn attention to the issue of cybersquatting by cybersquatting themselves. As a result, they attracted a great deal of media coverage which included several minutes of airtime on Belgium’s most popular morning news show.

All for the cost of registering a domain name: €9!!!