You can't restart life. Don't drink and drive.

Most people are aware that it is both dangerous and irresponsible to drink and drive. But for some reason, people seem to forget that at Christmas time. Especially young drivers. So Famous set out to make a point. And to prove just how much of an effect alcohol can have on your ability to drive, we called on the help of one of the world’s best automobile gamers. We namely tested his ability to drive under the influence and captured it all on film. And the resultant video left no doubt about it: drink driving is no laughing matter.

What we did.

Famous came up with an integrated PR campaign to get the message out to young drivers. The day before the launch, we pitched a teaser targeting relevant members of the press. And on D-day itself, we launched the video on all major social networks and issued a national press release. 

What we got.

As a result of the campaign, we succeeded in generating significant free national press coverage in print, TV, radio and online. In particular, we managed to pique the interest of the gaming scene, securing coverage on several gamer blogposts which were subsequently shared throughout the world.