SOS Securitas Online Safety.

Few people today would doubt the power of social media. But that power cuts both ways! If you don’t follow some basic rules, social media can become a real threat to your own security. And it is with that basic premise that FAMOUS Relations helped security firm Securitas reassert its place on the growing market for consumer prevention services as well as its well-known role as a business-to-business provider.

The challenge.

One of the biggest hypes of the moment on social media is the trend to “check-in” to anything and everything from a party to work, a friend’s place, a holiday destination, a restaurant or a football game. Nothing wrong with that, right? Wrong. Because by the simple laws of physics, you can’t be home if you’ve checked in somewhere else. And it is precisely that kind of information that makes things all too easy for would-be thieves and others with less than wholesome intentions. 

What we did.

What better way to point out the potential risks and raise the issue of home security than via the same social media? So we developed a piece of software that replied to users who shared their location on Twitter with a tweet in kind. This tweet came from a fictional burglar who just “checked out” of the user’s home with a truckload of valuables.

Needless to say, the stunt succeeded in generating several shock waves. At the moment somebody checked in somewhere, they were suddenly reminded that in so doing, they had effectively shared with the world that their house was currently left unguarded

And in so-doing, Securitas spread the word about the dangers of social media and the importance of using it wisely. The campaign website, linked to via the tweets from the fictional thieves, also gave visitors more explanation about the safe use of social media.

We also brought journalists up to speed with the awareness campaign, going deeper into the issue of imprudent use of social media and the prevalence of break-ins via a comprehensive press kit.

Take a look for yourself at:

What we got.

In just a few days’ time, we replied to 2,000 tweets, nearly 100% of which lead to people clicking through to the informative website. The explanatory video published on the same site was subsequently shared on Facebook, extending the reach of the campaign even further. But the biggest waves were created by the subsequent press coverage on radio, newspapers and online generated on the margins of the campaign.

Radio 1, MNM,  RTBF-La Deux, RTBF-La Une, RTL TV1, Het Laatste Nieuws, La Dernière Heure,,,, …