Bloggers love cooking oil!

Over the course of the last decade, cooking oils have found their way into modern kitchens with relative ease. Yet, despite their growing popularity, consumers still seem to have difficulty finding their way throughout the large variety of oils on the market.

To help (would-be) chefs make the right choice for the right application, Vandemoortele recently launched three new 100% vegetable-based cooking oils, each with a clear and specific use: 'Bake & roast' for meat, 'Simmer & Cook' for vegetables and fish and 'Sweet Kitchen' for pancakes, cakes and desserts. Three products designed to make life easier for both hobby and professional chefs. Chefs we decided to convince by means of a range of food lovers and other influencers.

What we did.

We sent out a range of highly personalised food parcels to Belgium’s biggest food bloggers. And by personalised, we mean more than just a bottle of oil with their name on it. To convince the recipients to really experience the products for themselves – and, most importantly, write about them on their blog – we developed a series of stories, each related to a specific oil, to grab their attention and pique their interest. So it was that each parcel came with a particular recipe, the (other) ingredients required to make it and a small gift for their kitchen. All wrapped in a fancy box, customised according to the look and feel of each respective blog. A nice touch which, as it turns out, made all the difference. 

What we got.

We received a lot of very positive feedback from the bloggers, the vast majority of whom were pleasantly surprised by the customised package (and its customised contents). Many put the product to the test straightaway and published an article about it on their blog.

And the social media results were also to everyone’s taste! Many of the bloggers, namely, shared photos of their personalised package with their respective networks. And that’s not even counting all the posts related to the end-result of their subsequent culinary efforts.

This highly personalised approach not only helped spread the word about Vandemoortele’s new cooking oils but, more importantly, laid the foundations for a mutually beneficial relationship between the brand and its influencers.

Homemade 🍫 cπŸͺπŸͺkies, the best 🎁 under the πŸŽ„! #recipeoftheday : Merry Xmas everybody! πŸŽ‰