The art of PR segmentation.

The art of PR segmentation

Flemish people love delicious, freshly fried fries from the chip shop, so it will come as no surprise that their chip shop culture has been included in the Intangible Cultural Heritage list. However, circumstances may prevent some people from actually making it to the chip shop during ‘Fries Week’. Since VLAM does not want to abandon those people to their fate, it has launched a melodramatic TV ad and three humorous online films during Fries Week that people can use to personally invite friends to pay a visit to the chip shop. After all, everyone deserves their portion of freshly made chip shop fries! 

FAMOUS Relations was asked both to highlight the advertising campaign, and to throw the full spotlight on those delicious chip shop fries during Fries Week.    

What we did.

Just about everyone loves fries! Journalists, bloggers and online influencers are no exception, and the only difference lies in the personal story that each of them chooses to tell. For that reason, FAMOUS Relations developed a tailor-made PR line with which to approach each target group.

First up were the national newspapers, radio and TV. For them, we served up statistics on fries in all shapes and sizes. These included the three favourite chip shop snacks, the most popular condiments, the volume in tons of fries sold by chip shops per year, etc. This, in combination with an entertaining professional chip fryer who was 200% prepared to expound on the chip shop culture during interviews, ensured first-class ingredients for favourable fries coverage!

The fries culture does have some regional differences, which provides some appetising material for regional media.

For food bloggers, Fries Week was the ideal excuse to hang up the apron for once, and to visit a chip shop with friends and family. We encouraged them to publish original #Selfries of their visit to the chip shop on social media. The most original picture won a year's worth of free fries.   

Read the full press release here.

What we got.

Some great, feel-good radio pieces focusing on ‘Fries from the chip shop', articles in the national press and a blogger scene of people who enthusiastically visited chip shops during Fries Week. 


A few media results...

Het Laatste Nieuws 


Along with articles in Het Nieuwsblad, Het Belang van Limburg and many more, we also had several radio items on Radio2, JOE FM, MNM, Q Music and FM Brussel.