Belgium loves creative frying

Belgians and frying… it’s a love affair that knows no bounds! But even so, rarely do we venture beyond the familiar frites, croquettes and fricadelles! Despite a growing penchant for experimental cuisine based on audacity and variety. So why is it not the same when it comes to the humble Belgian “friture”?

With this question in mind, Vandemoortele took advantage of the end-of-year festivities to inspire a little creativity in fritures in every corner of the kingdom.

What we did.

We invited members of the press, major bloggers and other opinion-leaders to take part in a workshop with renowned Belgian chefs Carlo de Pascale (FR) and Wim Ballieu (NL). A dietician was also present during the event and accompanied the journalists and bloggers at each step, responding to all their questions about nutrition. Each invitee received a range of products to put to the test along with a dowen recipes created by the chefs especially for the event. The editors of the respective lifestyle and food magazines also receive a deep frier with which to try out creative frying for themselves.

What we got.

The event succeeded in generating several high-quality articles in several major lifestyle and food magazines around the Christmas period. The recipes created especially for the event by the chefs were also shared on various blogs and websites. Most importantly, however, the event forged close contacts between Vandemoortele and several influencers while giving them plenty of new ideas for using their products in a creative way. Keeping their public image equally hot, crisp and fresh!