Create it - Op jouw manier.

Together with Famous Grey, Veritas launched its new baseline “Op jouw manier”, with which they aim to empower women.

Our mission was to show consumers that Veritas launched more than just a baseline, but that they really inspire, empower and help women to live their lives the way they want to.

What we did.

We created a network of 15 Belgian influencers who participated at 3 ‘Op jouw manier’ challenges. The challenges allowed them to show off their own identity with the accessories provided by Veritas. In that way we illustrated that each woman has her own style and can wear the same accessories in more than 15 ways.

In order to create real interaction between the brand and their ambassadors we organised a cool kick-off event.

What we got.

An enthusiastic ambassador team of 15 Belgian influencing women, who created a lot of online content: in total the creators posted 228 stories on Instagram, 73 posts on Instagram and 11 blogposts.

A few media results...

L'Amour Innocent

Five More Minutes


Curious to see the aftermovie of our kick-off event with the ambassadors?

Watch it here!