VITTEL Couch Converter

VITTEL Couch Converter

Most of us end up spending a lot of time on the couch. Too much time! Something VITTEL wanted to change via a new service, the “VITTEL Couch Converter” aimed at motivating people to get up out of the couch and even get rid of their couch for good. Those that did go so far as to exchange their old couch received a new pair of handmade, exclusive sneakers made from the fabric of their banished sofa. What better way to mark the arrival of spring and inspire the start of a more active lifestyle? In total, around 50 participants exchanged their couch for a pair of running shoes.

To coincide with the campaign, VITTEL also launched an exclusive new Sneaker Collection: a line of 5 hip, limited-edition sneakers that could be won online via

FAMOUS Relations was asked to find smart, efficient and cost-effective ways of putting the VITTEL Couch Converter and Sneaker Collection in the limelight. 

What we did.

We ultimately chose to capitalise on 3 specific domains:

  • Attracting the attention of the Lifestyle media via a social media release that communicated the essence of the Couch Converter to journalists.
  • Targeting an exclusive selection of bloggers who had already published their New Year’s resolutions to get fit in January and offering them extra encouragement with a pair of exclusive sneakers from the VITTEL Sneaker Collection.
  • Negotiating a partnership with a major national newspaper in which they could offer their readers 5 unique pairs of sneakers om exchange for an editorial on the VITTEL Couch Converter. 

What we got.

The enthusiasm of both journalists and bloggers for the Couch Converter Service resulted in a long list of articles in print, via social media, on blogs and news websites. We were also covered by magazines and newspapers such as Knack Weekend, ELLE, Het Laatste Nieuws, Marie Claire, Goed Gevoel and others.  

It was a smart move of VITTEL not only to communicate such a strong creative idea – with a lot of (lifestyle) PR potential – via expensive, paid media advertising. Translating the VITTEL Couch Converter story in the right way for journalists and bloggers is not only more efficient, it is a whole lot more effective than a print ad or TV commercial!