Can art change behaviour?

How many of us have done it? Park in a disabled car park, even just for a couple of minutes, because it was the only space available? The fact is, too many people abuse disabled parking. And so Famous, on behalf of the Flemish Government, was asked to come up with a creative idea to change this bad bordering on deplorable habit. 

To get attention to the issue in a positive and eye-catching way, we turned several disabled parking bays into unique and original works of art, created by disabled people who desperately needed those parking bays. And in so doing, we made people think twice before parking there illegally.


The idea of turning disabled parking spots into works of art was a potentially powerful one. But the challenge was to generate maximum exposure and get those works of art in the public eye. 

And so Famous forged a partnership with S.M.A.K. (the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent) and organised a joint press event to launch the initiative with a bang. Journalists were invited to discover the first parking bay/artwork, created by two artists – one with and one without a handicap. This was the starting shot for the full PR campaign. And one week later, we launched the initiative in other cities around Belgium. 

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What we got?

The story became a hot topic in both local and national press, earning over €350,000 in free media coverage and putting the problem of the abuse of disabled parking back on the agenda.