Resistance is Useless.

Bring on “Belgian Fries Week” (or “Week van de Friet” as we dubbed it for the locals)! A week during which we sent a reporter out into the field every day to capture the reactions of both famous and less famous people when presented with a serve of real fries from the friture. Demonstrating once and for all that nobody can resist real Belgian fries from a real Belgian friture.

Want proof? Watch for yourself

VLAM’s aim? Simple: to get it through people’s heads that the only way to experience real, original, genuine Belgian fries is to go to a real, original, genuine Belgian friture. The video content from the reporter became the basis for an irresistible TV-campaign. 


FAMOUS Relations was given the task of getting journalists and online influences to jump on the bandwagon and get into the vibe of “Week van de friet” in the wake of the campaign. 

What we did.

Journalists and online influencers subsequently received full details of the upcoming “Week van de Friet” in a press release in the iconic form of a “cornet de frites”! Peter Van de Veire and Sam De Bruyn even posted a photo of it on Instagram the moment they received it!

Bloggers with a reputed penchant for the fried Belgian delicacy were also sent info about Belgian fries week along with an invitation to a Twunch at a real-life Antwerp friture.

What we got.

The campaign attracted loads of free publicity and post-campaign tests revealed just as big an impact. Indeed, it did not take long to remind people of the irrefutable fact that nobody can resist real Belgian fries from a real Belgian friture. Even long after Belgian Fries Week had come to an end.

#weekvandefriet ik zou elke dag naar de frituur moeten. Omdat ik toegewijd ben!