An app to boost awareness for the dangers of staring at your screen 8 hours per day

For the Belgian ‘National Eye Health Week’, an initiative of the A.P.O.O.B. (Belgan Opticians and Optometrists Association) we launched an app that makes you look away from your screen. The Eyescare-app is designed to boost awareness for the dangers of excessive use of computers.


8 hours per day. That is how long we sit behind a computer screen on average every day. Despite the fact that the excessive use of computers can cause significant eye fatigue which, in turn, can have serious consequences. Tired eyes, hazy vision, headaches… these are just a few examples of the symptoms which can be caused by excessive computer use.

What we did.

There is a simple technique to counter tired computer eyes: the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes, look away from your computer screen for 20 seconds and look at an object 20 metres away. But let’s be honest: who of us has the discipline to apply that in practice every day? 

Which is why ‘National Eye Health Week’ launched a desktop app which shows you a shocking photo every 20 minutes, forcing you to look away from the screen. And there is no escaping it. Because the photo is shown full screen and only disappears after a few seconds. 

More than just an effective tool, however, Eyescare’s goal is to generate global awareness for an acute present-day problem.  

‘Eyescare’ is available for Windows and Mac for free via

Today is @WorldSightDay. Care about your eyes by scaring them with #Eyescare. Download the app now.

What we've got.

With Eyescare the Belgian ‘National Eye Health Week’ has had broad visibility in national and international press: StuBru, MNM, VivaCité, RTBF, Het Nieuwsblad, Vers L’Avenir, Het Laatste Nieuws, AdAge, Trendhunter,…