Big cats save big cats.

Over the years, the habitat of the biggest cat in America has been halved and its hunting grounds emptied of prey. While 720,000 of the two million cats living in Belgium are overweight, the jaguar struggles to survive in its natural habitat. Through the PR and influencer campaign "Big Cats Save Big Cats", WWF encourages Belgians to give less to their cats and more to the jaguars, by supporting the organisation's programmes for the protection of the species.

What we did.

We sent a press release to the national press to draw public attention to this issue and to give more visibility to the campaign.

In parallel with the press campaign, we worked with influencers, during two different waves. During the first wave, we worked with ‘animal loving’ influencers and sent them personalized t-shirts displaying the message of the campaign. During the second wave we sent feeding bowls to influencers who have a cat. These bowls were smaller than the standard size, to encourage influencers to give less to their fur ball and more to the jaguar.

Read the press release in Dutch or French.

What we got.

The enthusiasm of the journalists resulted in a long list of articles in print (Le Soir, HLN, De Morgen, Moustique etc) and online (La Libre, Le Vif, Paris Match, De Standaard, Nieuwsblad, Knack Weekend, etc). We also got coverage on national TV and radios (such as RTBF, La Première, Qmusic etc).

Many influencers were very enthusiastic to participate in the campaign, without us having to pay them for it. This resulted in 129 mentions on social media.