Endangered families save an endangered family

3200. That’s the number of tigers left in the wild today. Worldwide. If we don’t act now, this family is about to become extinct. With devastating consequences for the wider ecosystem. 

To save the tiger, WWF needed urgent assistance from a very large group of new donors who would be willing to commit to helping WWF.

But how were we to make Belgians relate to a cause so far away from home? Especially in the contexts of today’s difficult economic times and the resultant negative effect on donations ? 

The answer was to link the campaign to their own family.

Because more than 30% of the Belgian population has a family name that is also threatened with extinction.

So, we launched a national call to all those families to adopt a tiger into their family. Under the banner: "Families on the verge of extinction save a family on the verge of extinction." 

On www.reddetijger.be / www.sauvezletigre.be people could discover how extinct their family really is. At which point they were also invited to adopt a tiger.

What we did.

2 popular media personalities were appointed campaign ambassadors who would act as spokespersons in TV, radio and press interviews. In an online video, our ambassadors, Linde Merckpoel (StuBru radio presenter) and Myriam Leroy (RTBF journalist) call upon Belgians to take action.

A few days before the launch -under embargo- key journalists received a detailed press kit explaining the story of the tiger family, and announcing the details of the campaign.

On the day of the launch, Famous Belgians with a name on the verge of extinction were given a personalised T-shirt. So they could show just how “limited edition” they really are. 

What we got.

The campaign took Belgium by storm.

  • Within just one hour of the official launch, the campaign was a trending topic on Facebook and Twitter.
  • It was covered by almost every TV and radio station in Belgium. National newspapers and magazines published in-depth articles explaining the story of the tiger to their readers and the need for their long-term financial support.
  • One of Belgium's biggest news anchors, Goedele Wachters even glorified the campaign during 1 minute during her primetime radio show 'Hautekiet' (Radio 1).
  • Famous Belgians supported the tiger family by posting selfies on their social media while wearing their personal campaign T-shirts. Some of them even wore their T-shirt during public performances and when giving personal interviews.   
  • We reached 1 out of 3 Belgians on social media.
  • After just 2 weeks of campaigning, we received more online donations than WWF Belgium receives yearly via its website. And… we’re still counting.