Zembro bracelet

Peace of Mind as a gift for your grandmother & grandfather

Back in early 2015, we helped launch the Embracelet: an elegant bracelet with smart functions and an alarm button which wirelessly connects senior citizens with their children and care providers. The smart bracelet hit the market shortly after summer under the name ‘Zembro bracelet’. 

FAMOUS Relations is now supporting Zembro with the rollout in neighbouring countries, while positioning the innovative bracelet as the ideal Christmas gift for grandma or grandpa. 

What we did.

The communications objectives for the second half of 2015 were twofold. First of all, there was the business story to tell:

  • Embracelet is changing its name to Zembro bracelet
  • The Zembro bracelet is now available
  • Zembro is going Europewide.

In order to communicate this story far and wide, we organised a number of 1-on-1 business interviews with De Standaard, De Tijd, DataNews and others.

Secondly the product, the Zembro bracelet itself, and its primary features had to be put clearly in the picture. With the festive period rapidly approaching, the Zembro bracelet also had to be positioned as the ultimate Christmas gift for grandparents.

A product press release was issued amongst the relevant gadget and lifestyle press and all relevant media in the care sector, in the broadest sense of the word. In addition, we organised a press tour which took in a large number of review journalists, personally demonstrating the Zembro bracelet and in the process, prompting several extensive reviews. 

What we got.

Broad visibility in the business media, lifestyle media & vertical press.